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Do you need roof work and have a solar panel system? Are you moving, and would like to take your solar system with you? Sun Lift Solar is your certified specialists for temporarily removing your solar panels and solar water heater system.

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About Us

Colton Bland is a highly skilled and experienced solar professional with a passion for renewable energy.

Colton’s career in the solar industry began in 2018 when he joined a solar installation crew. Within two years, his hard work and dedication led to him being promoted to the rank of general foreman. Throughout his career, Colton has been instrumental in installing over 9 MW of rooftop solar (over 1,000 installations).

Colton is a hands-on professional who has worked on solar installations all over the state of Florida. He has seen firsthand how renewable energy can not only save energy consumers money but also help make the transition to clean energy.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in solar installations, Colton is committed to providing the highest quality of service to his clients while continuing to be an advocate for renewable energy.


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